Essdee Fabric Roller

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Essdee Fabric Roller

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Product details

This roller from Essdee has been specially designed for block printing using fabric & textiles.
Made using absorbent fabric itself, designed to pick up and transfer thinner water-based inks such as screen-printing or fabric inks, which would be too slippery for a standard roller. 

A great tool which opens up new possibilities when block printing onto fabric.
Not only this, but this roller is resistant to printers chemicals, is not affected by exposure to daylight, gives a more compliant coverage & is forgiving on uneven surfaces, proving to be a favourite with certain printing methods.

On thing to not is the need for extra care in storage to prevent indentation to its soft surface.

How to create your own unique, funky fabric print:

  • Using the right tools, carve out your design onto a sheet of lino (we recommend using the Fabric Printing Kit)
  • Apply ink using this fabric roller.
  • Place face down onto fabric & apply pressure.
  • Iron the reverse of the print (on a non-steam setting) for 4 minutes.
  • Printed fabrics are washable up to 40°c.

* For best results, 100% cotton fabric is recommended.