How can a Pooki Press Improve your printmaking journey?

July 6, 2023

Linocut is a form of relief printmaking that has been around since the 1860’s but has become increasingly more popular lately, particularly during the recent lockdowns, when many people stuck at home looked to create art for therapy or a way to spend their time. Lino printing involves carving a design or pattern into a piece of linoleum or vinyl, the areas left behind in relief are then inked with a roller and transferred to paper, or other surfaces like fabric or wood, to create a print.

If you have ever hand burnished lino prints with a wooden spoon or another type of baren, then you will be aware of the time, effort, and patience that this method of creating a print takes, particularly when printing an edition or a larger scale piece. Using a Pooki Press relieves that strain and speeds up production with much less effort, transforming your printmaking experience.

Best Lino cut Tool for Perfect Print

Our presses are designed to apply just the right amount of pressure needed to transfer all the ink, from every corner of your block, onto the paper with just a gentle push of the handle, creating perfectly even prints time and time again.

What if My Print Loses Details?

Of course, there are many variables with printmaking and lino printing is no exception, and we will cover inking, brayers, paper etc in future posts. However, after a few test prints with the correct set up of your chosen paper on top of the inked lino block, followed by our premium press blanket, every detail of your design will be transferred. Our presses have been tried and tested by experienced professional printmakers and hobbyists across the world who all create consistently beautiful prints with an even and solid transfer of ink.

Check out our Instagram for loads of examples of printmakers work: Pooki Instagram

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